Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Introducing Argos Dashboard

If you've seen our previous posts or tech talks, you know that we are huge fans of Hystrix, the resiliency library by Netflix. The Hystrix dashboard has been great for monitoring a single application or service, but as the number of applications and microservices increased, we found ourselves needing a more holistic view of our infrastructure. We currently trend all our Hystrix metrics into Graphite for correlation and forecasting, but we really needed something concise and real-time. Inspired by the usefulness of the Hystrix dashboard, we have created Argos Dashboard.

Argos Dashboard provides a real-time view of multiple Hystrix clusters by aggregating data for each cluster onto a single dashboard. The new dashboard has been extremely useful for monitoring how requests flow through the dependencies of each application. It also helps easily monitor what happens when we do performance and resiliency testing. Today, we are releasing Argos Dashboard on GitHub at We hope you find Argos Dashboard valuable and look forward to feedback and pull requests.

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